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Panic Book Review

Panic - Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver seems to be a hit and miss author for me. I really, really loved Delerium, but Pandemonium fell flat for me. I'm still listening to Requiem so we'll see what I think about that in the end.


Panic also fell flat. A plot line with such strong potential that instead ended up being quite boring. And, I feel as though I should point out, that this is not a Dystopian, the original description may lead you to believe so but its actually very contemporary.


Panic: a game for those who are just graduating high school. Created years ago. Everyone must put in money for it. This years prize, around 67,000 dollar if you make it through to the end.


Told in two perspectives through Dodge and Hannah we see the game played out. Though, its really about four different characters, Dodge, Hannah, Nat and Bishop. Though it is written well, I think a big part of why I didn't connect is because of the third person perspective, we couldn't get as deep into the two characters.


That's a big part of why I didn't like this book I couldn't relate to any of the characters, I found Hannah annoying and whiny, and Dodge is mainly just a jerk the entire book leaving me feeling detached to the story. Hence the fear and the "panic not being felt.


I get what Oliver was trying to do, set a very realistic part of being a teenager into a thrilling and scary game. But, the lack of character and development and plot line left hanging has me feeling disappointed in a fairly anticipated read.