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On The Fence Book Review

On the Fence - Kasie West

This book is so squeal worthy! A cute, fun, coming of age novel with that added romance that makes fans of Stephanie Perkins, Rainbow Rowell, John Green, and Maureen Johnson dive right in and fall in love. I know I certainly did.


Charlie is a tom boy. It's hard not be being raised by three older brother and her father. Her mother died when she was six and her death has bothered her since. She hates that she doesn't remember her and she hates the nightmares. Then the fence talks begin with Braden, the boy next door and her brothers best friend - a forbidden romance.


When she starts to work at a boutique store and pretends to be someone she's not her life is changing and its up to her to decide who she really wants to be.


I loved Charlie, she's extremely relate-able and a very lovable character. Her relationship with her brothers is fun to read about, especially the football games, the obsessing over sports, and the long talks about their mom.


Growing up, I was a huge tomboy who hung out with the neighborhood boys, part of why I really loved this book, I think many of you will like it all the same. If you're looking for someone similar to read like that of the authors mentioned above I highly recommend On The Fence by Kasie West. I know I'll absolutely be checking out her other books.