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No Turning Back Book Review

No Turning Back - Tiffany Snow

A fun, fast paced, but fairly forgettable read. Another series to get into that romance and thriller readers will probably enjoy much more than I did. 


Kathleen Turner never thought she'd get invovled in a murder fiasco. But when she finds her friend and neighbor Sheila dead just that happens. She needs a lawyer and the first person to call is hottie, Blane Kirk. What becomes a thrilling story of deception, fraud, and lies, Kathleen is finding her life turned upside down. And what about her connetions to the beautiful Blane Kirk. 


This is a series that I can't help but compare to Stephanie Plum (which I love). I felt like this needed more funny moments, especially since it is a romance. Kathleen annoyed me on several occasions. Especially the fact that she was crying every few chapters. C'mon be strong woman! 


I'll probably end up reading the next series just because I want to see where the relationship goes (which, in my opinion us very unrealistic). We'll see if its a series I can finish.