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Forever Buckhorn Book Review

Forever Buckhorn - Lori Foster

I am definitely becoming a Lori Foster fan. While her books aren't very unique or overly exciting I love the cheesiness and shortness of them. Not to mention the Buckhorn brother are hot to read about.


Gabe keeps running into Elizabeth who he quickly nicknames Lizzy. She's a reporter who has an obsession with heroes, and he just happens to be one after saving a family from a car accident. She's persistent and annoying. But he makes a deal, one kiss and he'll answer one question. They quickly fall for each other much like his older brothers.


Jordon finds himself in a local bar watching exotic dancer, Georgia. When he gets into a bar fight the two connect. He quickly finds that she's a single mother and all he wants to do is help.


The thing I like about these books are the scenes with the entire family and the four brothers. The way they relate to each other, their partners, and their families. It's very easy to imagine. I can't even point out which brother I like the most because they are all fairly endearing.


I am definitely checking out more of Lori Foster's books ASAP. I believe Casey has a story and am looking forward to that one as well.