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Keep Quiet Book Review

Keep Quiet - Lisa Scottoline

Talk about a book that only has a plot because the characters do everything stupid thing you could imagine. Yea, pretty frustrating. My first Lisa Scottoline book and probably my last.


Jake and his son Ryan drive home late one night, past 11pm. When Ryan gets the wheel they hit a young girl. But they decide to keep it a secret and not tell anyone, not even the wife/mother. Jake wants his son to have a future and he feel like he has to protect him at all cost.


This entire book mainly consisted of Jake and Ryan going back and forth at each other with "I have to protect you's" and "We have to turn ourselves in." Frustrating and annoying. I hated Jake most of the book. His attitude and stupidity made me want to slap him, several times.


The ending made up for the book a little bit. And rather reminds me of Veronica Mars. Just not as well written. I suppose fans of Scottoline like these types of books but its definitely not my thing.


Audio Book: Also not a fan. The male reader annoyed me more than anything, especially when Ryan or even Jake were shouting. I am finding that I enjoy female readers much more.