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Buckhorn Legacy Book Review

The Buckhorn Legacy - Lori Foster

This is by far my favorite of The Buckhorn series. I only wish there were more! I was at first afraid that Lori Foster was going to have a hot and steamy romance novel about a 16 year old boy, but thankfully she has this story taking place eight years later.


Emma and Casey Backhorn were good friends growing up until that night Emma showed up on his doorstep with a bruise on her face. She runs and doesn't come back for eight years. Now she's back and Casey still isn't over her. He wants to know what happened to her and why she really left.


Casey is by far my favorite of the family. He isn't as pushy as his uncles or father and was really fun to read about. I definitely wanted this one to be a little longer. Some of my favorite scenes were the ones with the brothers' kids and there families. Especially how Casey interacted with them. Makes you really want to be a part of them.


Definitely reading another series by Foster. As I said, I wish there was more to this series!