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The Drowning Book Review

The Drowning - Rachel Ward

I have to start off by saying that the book cover is really misleading for this book. Usually when you see a cover with a girl on it you generally can give assumption the book is about a girl, told in a girl POV. Not the case. I sometimes wish authors had a say in what was on the cover of their book. They might make more sense and be much more creative.


Carl, he knows his name, he knows he almost drowned, that his brother did drown. But that's it. He doesn't know what happened and he can barely remember who he used to be. Then he starts to hear his voice, his older brother's voice. Things get a whole lot worse after that.


This was certainly interesting enough and a decent story. Definitely much better written than Rachel Ward's first book, Numbers. Which I read not that long ago. Her characterization and style have improved greatly. She made Rob an easy character to hate and didn't drag out certain plotlines for too long.


A fun book to read around Halloween, not necessarily all that scary but it certainly has the creepy, haunting feel to it.