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Bare It All Book Review

Bare It All - Lori Foster

Book two of the Love Undercover Series and I'm absolutely in love with it. Definitely much more than the first one. Better characters, better writing, and better story. A fun, fast paced read that fans will devour in a matter of hours (I know I did!).


We met Dectective Reese and his neighbor in book one of the series. In what picks up right where we left off we see Reese getting snuggly with Alice. All while wondering what the hell happened to her to make her own a set of guns and knives in her apartment. The reason is more than he can imagine and terror is about to strike again.


I love that Foster makes her main woman characters bad ass. They aren't shy, they aren't afraid to do what they want, and they know when to be smart about it. Pretty much describes Alice right there, and I loved her. While, yes, she does do some stupid foolhardy things because she's a little stubborn - we wouldn't have a plot if that didn't happen.


So far my favorite characters of the series but the best part is...it's only halfway through!